Health Tip: Be Careful While Using Oxygen Therapy

(HealthDay News) -- While you're using at-home oxygen therapy, remember that you'll need to be very cautious around anything that has a flame or can ignite.

The ADAM Encyclopedia offers these safety suggestions:

  • Make sure there are working smoke detectors throughout your home, and keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Never smoke or allow smoking around the oxygen; stay a minimum of 6 feet from any smoker.
  • Keep the oxygen at least 6 feet from any fireplace, stove or electric appliance such as a hairdryer, electric toothbrush or razor, electric blanket, electric toy, space heater or electric baseboard heater.
  • Keep the oxygen as far away as possible from an oven or stove while cooking, and be very wary of grease splatters.
  • Keep the oxygen away from any flammable liquid.
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